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Working alongside a team of creatives I am able offer an array of different filming services from live events, music videos, weddings and business promotional videos plus more.


If you require a service which is not listed, please contact me to discuss.

Karla Cornwall London - Prophecious first unveiling


Promo Video

Filmed & Directed by Leon Rowe

Edited By Ashley Whylie

Now imagine your favourite sports brand was represented by a super hero?

What would it look like? Would it be male or female?

What powers would it posses and why? 

Karla Cornwall created a groundbreaking piece of art in the guise of an Adidas inspired super hero called Prophecious. Intricately covered in vibrant colourful thread from head to toe. 
The message behind him is extremely powerful, this creation captivates the future of art that interacts and inspires the consumer retail experience and has endless possibilities to expand to other platforms. 

Disclaimer: This is not endorsed by Adidas but an interactive Art installation which was inspired by the brand.

Nyanda & The Kemist - One More Time

Music Video

Filmed & Directed by Leon Rowe

Edited by JoePro

Location: Mauritius

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